Account Receivable Supervisor

Job Benefits
  • Insurance
  • Training & Development
  • Accommodation - Hoiana Staff Village
  • Annual leave
  • Heath checkup
  • Employee shuttle bus service
  • Uniform
Job Description
  • Verify that bookings as recorded correctly in the Accounts Receivable Sub-Ledgers Sorted by customer.
  • Confirm that the accounts receivable balance in the General Ledger agrees to the Sub-Ledger.
  • Review the Schedule of Accounts Receivable prepared by the Accounts receivable clerk.
  • If payments have not been received after the due date, issue a reminder. Submit a copy to the Sales Department in charge of dealing with this customer.
  • Review and get the invoices be approved by the Assistant Director of Finance. Confirm that all invoices are mailed promptly and not delayed.
  • Verify all credit card sales are settled, payments are received from the credit card companies and no unsettled sales vouchers remain.
  • Work closely with the Credit Manager for bad debt prevention and collection.
  • Verify accounts receivable documentation is circulated according to procedure. Receive counseling from the Income Auditor.
  • Issue and mail out monthly rent invoices to tenants and other invoices.
  • Verify invoices and all supporting evidences are filed and kept in order.
  • After mailing out invoices, any errors regarding sales amounts pointed out by the customer should be adjusted for in a sales adjustment journal. The same for discounts.
  • Participate in Credit Committee meetings and discuss any problems relating to accounts receivable.
  • Assist in the preparing of monthly financial reports.
  • Other duties as instructed by a superior.
Job Requirements
  • Experience in hotel industry cashier system
  • Knowledge in book-keeping, including the handling of Point of Sales and credit card vouchers
  • Thorough familiarity with hotel’s policy and internal control system and procedures
  • Language: Medium in basic oral and written English
  • Motivator and self starter
  • Displays initiative
  • Familiar with hotel’s internal control system and procedures
  • At least 4 years’ working experience in international class hotel
  • 4 year’s working experience in a similar capacity is preferred
  • Knowledge in OPERA PMS is preferred
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